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We help you to find the right hardware.


Are you looking for a new Server, PC or Laptop. We search with you for the best solution.


Do you need an upgrade of your current system(s)?



Welcome to 2BE Consulting bvba

How can we help you to solve your IT issues?

Our Services

Project Support

Software Development

System Support


You have a special IT issue and need a software solution?


We can help you to:

  • define all the needs
  • design the application
  • setup the structure
  • develop the application


We can help you develop applications in:

  • Progress/OpenEdge environment in 4GL (character or GUI based)
  • Visual Studio



Are you starting a new Project and you need help about finding the right Hard- & Software you need to succeed?


You have problems to split a project in multiple parts?


Contact us to find out how we can help you.


Do you have problems with your operating system?


We can help you to discover the problem


Is your system growing to quickly and do you need an upgrade or a check-up of your environment?


Let us check it with you to find the best solution